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No Teamspeak Checkbox during installation


New Member
Hey, I have a problem with the setup. I've tried reinstalling my teamspeak and downloaded both new versions of Sinusbot & Teamspeak. I even installed it on the same drive as my system (I had ts on a different drive before) and my set up still looks like in the photo. The option for Teamspeak support is locked. Searched the forum for the solution, but reinstalling didn't help (I've also run it as an administrator). Any other ideas?
  • SinusBot version -> Newest
  • TS Client version -> 3.5.3
  • OS (operating system) -> Windows 10 64bit
  • hardware specs (I5-6600K,16GB, RX480 4GB)

Lala Sabathil

is awesome!
is uber awesome!
Search the forum!
The problem happened thousend of times and was solved thousand of times

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