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is reticulating splines
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Before you post, make sure to have searched for your issue on this forums. Also make sure you've read the FAQ.

Also, thanks to @Patschi, there's a diagnostic script for Linux that will greatly help you identify issues and assist you with solving most of the common ones. More information on the script and how to run it can be found here. The script will also prepare some text for you to post on the forums should you still have issues afterwards.

Should you encounter a new problem, feel free to report it in here using an informative title. Please always include the following information in your post:
  • used version (SinusBot, TS Client / Server)
  • used operating system (e.g. Windows, 64bit)
  • hardware specs (e.g. VPS, Core i7, 8 GB RAM)
  • used browser (and maybe plugins)
  • your config.ini
Also, please edit your config.ini, set
LogLevel = 10
and append the output to your post.

Please also don't post twitter-style. You are allowed to use more than 280 characters! Structuring the post helps other people to understand your problem better.

Thanks :)
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