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EN [Request] Acitivty Monitor

Discussion in 'Script Development' started by Imran, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Imran

    Imran Member

    Hello! I'm wondering if someone can make a script that can monitor specifc users activity. I may even pay you for it to make me!

    The script would be able to record the amount of time someone is online on teamseak. If the user is idle or goes AFK then is should pause recording their time until they are not idle or AFK anymore. If the person disconnects and comes back it should pause and continue when he is back too.

    There should be and option to add people to get recorded with a command like !recordadd [TeamspeakID]

    Then if I want to see how long they were active for I do !recordtime [TeamspeakID] or if I want a list of the I do !recordtimelist and it would output for me all the times in hours and minutes of everyone added. I hope someone likes my idea ;)
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  2. LetsBlade

    LetsBlade Member

  3. Imran

    Imran Member

    Hmm it lets me see my own online time but I can't check other players online time =/
  4. LetsBlade

    LetsBlade Member

    You can check the Others with their Rank^^

    //edit: More features including a admin webinterface are comming soon! :)
  5. Imran

    Imran Member

    But I don't want them assigned to a rank =/. What I want is see staff are active coming on teamspeak. That's why I want something easy just to check other players online time.
  6. Tunakill

    Tunakill Contributor Insider

    You can disable the ranking so that the script only tracks every user. To see the online time from other user you need to wait for the update.
  7. PaInKiLLeR

    PaInKiLLeR Helping Hand

    Daran wäre ich auch interessiert ;)

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