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Solved Request - Command for Servergroup


Helping Hand
Maybe there is already a script if not, here is a request :D

A script that gives client a servergroup for a command. Can be very good used on a gaming TeamSpeak

!x , bot adds servergroup x
!y , bot adds servergroup y


Helping Hand
@Kir-à Thanks. But I have to add every group separately and it is very difficult because i have more than 50 groups so
MyGroupAssigner was good but it is outdated how can i use it in version 0,13. Can someone update it ?


I use this resource on my server and this work very well.
I created custom commands for each group that can be added.
EX:! Csgo adds the player to the group CS: GO
But for the player to remove his own group I have to provide the group id.
Have any chance of the script withdrawing the group without me providing the group id

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