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EN [Request] Fortnite Daily Shop Script (fnbr.co API)


is awesome!
First of all sorry for requesting so many scripts :D
But now to the script request.
On Discord there is a bot from fnbr.co that send the Fortnite Shop Rotation every day when the rotate happen.
So maybe someone know if and how its possible to code a script with help from the fnbr.co API to display the shop
in a description on a Channel. Yes for TS3 not for Discord :D
Would be very great, maybe someone has the time and pleasure to code something big like that or maybe its not even possible :D

Here some Links for fnbr.co
https://fnbr.co/ (Site)
https://fnbr.co/shop (Thats how the shop pic looks like)
https://discord.gg/5VaaUkX (Here, for API acces)
https://gyazo.com/c3ec04a446f3f29a2ad295727774b092 (Thats the pic what the Discord Bot send on Shop Rotation)

If i can help something just message me :)

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