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EN [Request] Message to all users w/ subscription function


is awesome!

I'm looking for a script which can message all current online users which want to get broadcast messages. So by default users receive broadcast messages and users can disable to receive them via a command. I can send broadcast messages via a command and the sinusbot will send the message to all users. It would be nice If users get a additional message to all broadcast messages how to disable them.

Example: I write to my sinusbot "!broadcast This is a important message." and every user that has not disabled the broadcast messages with the command !nomsg will receive this message and all further messages I sent via the broadcast command.

I hope someone understood this and might be able to create something like this.

Thank you,


Active Member
It is almost the same to my "Tips" script, but those tips are sent automatically every X amount of time.. I can just edit that script to this and post that as a standalone script.

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