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EN [REQUEST] Timer for poke


is awesome!
I want timer for poke.
My idea.. Its 3:55 and i need every hour in x:55 poke every user on teamspeak with some text. Its something like that possible ?

Sorry for my bad english



Diesmon Dominator
is awesome!
so timed like every x mins after start or timed like at a specific Time (and then hourly daily whatever)?


Tuetchen Dominator
is awesome!
Like at specific Time, every hour for 24 hours , 7 days, 12 months :-D
Its possible to do something like that ?
Ofcourse it is possible. But something like "getting poked every 60mins" would only let me leave the server after the 2nd poke


is awesome!
Its will be set for specific group "Auction" and every member whos in this group getting poke.
Its teamspeak for one game and everyone raging because forgot to auction :-D
Yes okay I get this, but how do you want to start this whole thing. Like with a chat command?
Do you need to set the time (30/60mins) by yourself or is it always every 30 mins. And should it just poke or with a message on the poke?

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