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[Request] TS3 <-> Discord Bridge


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My first posting here - first at all thanks for your work. I'm using your bot on our TS just for entertainment purposes - mainly experimental since not many users really "use it" but since I'm a fan of this it's still running and I like to play around with it. Great work!!

I just stumbled over this feature while surfing around: It seems that there are some solutions out there either with another TS-Bot or Matrix or whatever.

If you run a TS3 and a Discord server it'd be great to "link" them: Have for example the same rooms (or at least one) where the bot is in and then copies over the voice (and chat?!) to the other system into the corresponding room. So the users can select if they want to use TS or Discord but it all get's together.

Possible?! I searched here for "bridge", "link discord / teamspeak" or "connect" but can't find anything related.

Nice idea or stupid? ;)

Lala Sabathil

is awesome!
a voice bridge is kinda difficult with sinusbot. or better said with every bot
chat bridge is easy


is reticulating splines
Staff member
I actually experimented with such a feature a couple of years ago and it kind of worked. But it never got support in the frontend and I dropped support for it when implementing other features.
The main problem which I think renders the whole idea kind of useless is that you cannot see WHO is talking on the other side of the bridge if routed through the bot (it would always show the bot as talking). Connecting an instance for every user (so that you can see who is talking) on the other hand creates too much overhead on the TS side and wouldn't be possible on the discord side at all. That's why it never made it to production ;)


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Clear about the "who is talking" - for my situation where we only have people who know each other (and the voice) it wouldn't matter that much. Of course a bot per user would be ideal but an overkill :D