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  • A first preview of the unlimited version of SinusBot can be found in the Upcoming Changes thread. A version for Windows will follow, but we don't have a release date, yet.

SinusBot for ARM64 (Raspberry PI, ...)


is reticulating splines
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Hey all,

just a quick notice that a first version is out for ARM64 CPUs. It can only run on Discord (as there's no official TS3 Client for Linux on ARM) right now and for now has to be installed manually (so you need to know Linux a bit). Feel free to join our Discord server to discuss and get help. This version is also unrestricted, so you can run as many instances as you like (or your PI can handle, hehe).

Currently, Raspberry PIs running a 64bit OS are supported (like Raspberry Pi 3B+, Raspberry PI 4).

Looking forward to your feedback!

-- flyth
Somehow it is not able to play Music. It plays the music but nobody in the call can hear the bot.

Secondly, the console is spammed with:


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