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Solved Sinusbot timed ständig aus


2018-12-04T21:50:27+01:00 TS |INFO | | |Statistics report: User has not yet confirmed participation
2018-12-04T21:50:27+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Last update check was: Tue Jan 1 00:00:01 2019
2018-12-04T21:50:27+01:00 TS |INFO |Bookmarks | |Collecting autoconnect bookmarks
2018-12-04T21:50:27+01:00 New connection status 4; Error 0
2018-12-04T21:50:27+01:00 TS |INFO |PermManager | |Loading permissions from cache
2018-12-04T21:50:27+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect status: Connection established
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 New connection status 3; Error 0
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect status: Establishing connection
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 New connection status 2; Error 0
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect status: Connected
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |DEVELOP |PktHandler | |Puzzle solve time: 3
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 New connection status 1; Error 0
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect status: Connecting
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |PreProSpeex |1 |Speex version: 1.2rc1
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Initiating connection:
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect to server:
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |ts3server:
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Using configuration location: /opt/sinusbot/data/ts3/0f05878d-d05f-4f09-8a89-23d8e7571ffa/2b0d1a65-bc3e-4dfa-bd5e-8b603d22c172/settings.db
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Qt version: 5.6.1
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Failed to init text to speech engine
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |DEVELOP |ClientUI | |Notifications init: Soundpack path: /opt/sinusbot/teamspeak3-client/sound/nosounds
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO | | |*** Time [INIT]: 179
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO | | |*** Time [MAINWINDOW]: 179
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO | | |successfully downloaded revocation list for myteamspeak id
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO | | |successfully downloaded revocation list for accounting
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |Query | |listening on
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |Plugins | |Loading plugin: libclientquery_plugin_linux_amd64.so
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |Plugins | |Loading plugin: libsoundbot_plugin.so
2018-12-04T21:50:26+01:00 TS |INFO |Addons | |Checking for addon updates...
2018-12-04T21:50:25+01:00 TS |ERROR |RevocationListCache| |Failed to import revocation list from cache
2018-12-04T21:50:25+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Unable to create an Open GL context.
2018-12-04T21:50:25+01:00 TS |DEBUG |PulseAudio | |connected to pulse audio server -
2018-12-04T21:50:25+01:00 TS |INFO | | |Using hardware aes
2018-12-04T21:50:25+01:00 TS |INFO | | |SystemInformation: Linux 2.6.32-042stab130.1 #1 SMP Tue May 22 09:19:34 MSK 2018 x86_64 Binary: 64bit
2018-12-04T21:50:25+01:00 TS |INFO | | |TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.2.1 (2018-08-14 14:00:36)
2018-12-04T21:50:25+01:00 Starting instance ts3server://
2018-12-04T21:50:25+01:00 Could not create Notifications-Tabletable Notifications already exists
2018-12-04T21:50:25+01:00 Could not create WhisperReceive-Tabletable WhisperReceive already exists
2018-12-04T21:50:25+01:00 Could not create Chat-Tabletable Chat already exists
2018-12-04T21:50:17+01:00 Initialization complete
2018-12-04T21:50:17+01:00 Simple_Custom_Commands:213 [INFO] Simple custom commands v1.1 by irgendwer / Jonas <[email protected]> loaded successfully!
2018-12-04T21:50:17+01:00 Simple_Custom_Commands:213 [INFO] debug messages are disabled
2018-12-04T21:50:17+01:00 Loading script Simple_Custom_Commands
2018-12-04T21:50:17+01:00 Loading script Group__Distributor
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Wie soll ich das updaten? Einfach in einen andere Ordner installieren und die Datei überschreiben?
Oder muss ich davor noch die alten irgendwie deinstallieren oder reicht das löschen?