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TTS Causing audio to overlap


New Member
How: When playing a track, use the TTS feature either with !say or through the web and then switch tracks.
What: It plays the TTS normally but does not stop playing the first track. This causes two songs/tracks to play at the same time, on top of each other.

SinusBot: 1.0.1
OS: Debian 11

2022-10-29T18:04:55+03:00 Awaiting Callback (2): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:55/CUPD
2022-10-29T18:04:55+03:00 [ :106:16] Found -
2022-10-29T18:04:55+03:00 Awaiting Callback (2): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:54/CUPD
2022-10-29T18:04:55+03:00 Awaiting Callback (2): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:53/CUPD
2022-10-29T18:04:55+03:00 [ :106:16] Found -
2022-10-29T18:04:55+03:00 Awaiting Callback (2): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:52/CUPD
2022-10-29T18:04:55+03:00 Done playing
2022-10-29T18:04:55+03:00 Channels now zero
2022-10-29T18:04:55+03:00 Deleting channel 5789740d-d563-4e70-bc8e-150389e4ced4 () ID e2671065-4388-42ff-8734-ac8199fc803f (cc 1)
2022-10-29T18:04:55+03:00 Deleting channel 8a443c66-2454-442a-aaec-57947996e7ce () ID e7a34dce-be7a-44e3-bb1c-204d64c1c29d (cc 2)
2022-10-29T18:04:55+03:00 Removing closed channel 5789740d-d563-4e70-bc8e-150389e4ced4 () ID e2671065-4388-42ff-8734-ac8199fc803f
2022-10-29T18:04:55+03:00 Removing closed channel 8a443c66-2454-442a-aaec-57947996e7ce () ID e7a34dce-be7a-44e3-bb1c-204d64c1c29d
2022-10-29T18:04:54+03:00 Sending stop to 5789740d-d563-4e70-bc8e-150389e4ced4 () ID e2671065-4388-42ff-8734-ac8199fc803f #1
2022-10-29T18:04:54+03:00 Sending stop to 8a443c66-2454-442a-aaec-57947996e7ce () ID e7a34dce-be7a-44e3-bb1c-204d64c1c29d #1
2022-10-29T18:04:54+03:00 STOP [apina-32] OK
2022-10-29T18:04:54+03:00 Stopping
2022-10-29T18:04:11+03:00 Storing configuration.
2022-10-29T18:04:07+03:00 TS/ERR 771 e'channel name is already in use' x'' r'PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:49/CUPD'
2022-10-29T18:04:07+03:00 Awaiting Callback (2): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:51/CUPD
2022-10-29T18:04:07+03:00 Awaiting Callback (2): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:50/CUPD
2022-10-29T18:04:07+03:00 [ :106:16] Found Acdc
2022-10-29T18:04:07+03:00 [ :106:16] Found Highway To Hell
2022-10-29T18:04:07+03:00 [ :160:16] Received new track event for Acdc - Highway To Hell by AC/DC
2022-10-29T18:04:07+03:00 Awaiting Callback (2): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:49/CUPD
2022-10-29T18:04:07+03:00 Awaiting Callback (1): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:45/DESC
2022-10-29T18:04:07+03:00 Awaiting Callback (2): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:46/CUPD
2022-10-29T18:04:07+03:00 new track info: AC/DC - Acdc - Highway To Hell (41432f4443202d2041636463202d204869676877617920546f2048656c6c)
2022-10-29T18:04:07+03:00 New channel 5789740d-d563-4e70-bc8e-150389e4ced4 () ID e2671065-4388-42ff-8734-ac8199fc803f (cc 1)
2022-10-29T18:04:07+03:00 PLAY [apina-32] 5789740d-d563-4e70-bc8e-150389e4ced4 OK
2022-10-29T18:03:58+03:00 Deleting channel () ID 8569e264-461e-459f-9448-e1c271650502 (cc 1)
2022-10-29T18:03:58+03:00 Removing closed channel () ID 8569e264-461e-459f-9448-e1c271650502
2022-10-29T18:03:56+03:00 New channel () ID 8569e264-461e-459f-9448-e1c271650502 (cc 1) -- Use TTS
2022-10-29T18:03:41+03:00 Storing configuration.
2022-10-29T18:03:29+03:00 TS/ERR 771 e'channel name is already in use' x'' r'PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:40/CUPD'
2022-10-29T18:03:29+03:00 Awaiting Callback (2): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:42/CUPD
2022-10-29T18:03:29+03:00 Awaiting Callback (2): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:41/CUPD
2022-10-29T18:03:29+03:00 [ :106:16] Found Aerosmith
2022-10-29T18:03:29+03:00 [ :106:16] Found Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
2022-10-29T18:03:29+03:00 [ :160:16] Received new track event for Dude (Looks Like A Lady) by Aerosmith
2022-10-29T18:03:29+03:00 Awaiting Callback (2): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:40/CUPD
2022-10-29T18:03:29+03:00 Awaiting Callback (2): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:37/CUPD
2022-10-29T18:03:29+03:00 Awaiting Callback (1): PR:{8b1dbea3-efc0-4946-bf5a-e3c5172e094d}:36/DESC
2022-10-29T18:03:29+03:00 new track info: Aerosmith - Dude (Looks Like A Lady) (4165726f736d697468202d204475646520284c6f6f6b73204c696b652041204c61647929)
2022-10-29T18:03:29+03:00 New channel 8a443c66-2454-442a-aaec-57947996e7ce () ID e7a34dce-be7a-44e3-bb1c-204d64c1c29d (cc 0)
2022-10-29T18:03:29+03:00 PLAY [apina-32] 8a443c66-2454-442a-aaec-57947996e7ce OK


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yes this bug still exists since years get never fixed, i fxed this for my self by putting a media.stop(); before the audio.say(args.text); command in the sinusbot-commands.js. This bug can also be used to fuckup the bot and play unlimited streams at the same time without this fix.