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EN what's wrong with my fs.writeFile


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I'm trying to read and write to a text file and the read is working but the write not working
please help the stupid guy here :\
file CHMOD is 777 (for testing)
I have the last version : 1.0.0-beta.10-202ee4d

read is working

write is not working
fs.writeFile('/opt/sinusbot/data/output.txt', 'try to write this text', 0777); fs.writeFile('/opt/sinusbot/data/output.txt', 'try to write this text');


error on callback func: Uncaught exception: Error: unexpected parameter type at testbot:568:3 fs.writeFile("/opt/sinusbot/data/output.txt", "try to write this text", 0777); ^ Stack trace: Error: unexpected parameter type at testbot:568:4

I'm so stupid !
I didn't use the bytesFromString() ...

thanks for the help guys
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