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Wish-List for Scripting

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by flyth, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Lala Deviluke

    Lala Deviluke Donor is awesome! Insider

    this is already existing
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  2. KEIOS

    KEIOS Member

    Where can i find it? I searched the forums for quiz or trivia, but didn't find anything.
  3. Tw1ZeRs

    Tw1ZeRs Member

    In my opinion the thing that the bot needs the most is: Fast forward, to be able to control the time of the song, For example add a !time <time of the song> in order to skip for the time which the user wants.
    Besides that and the fact that youtube Dl has problems once in a while (2x speed) that's the only thing i truly crave for.
    And maybe just maybe in the future because it is hard work a possibility of watching a video through the avatar option (sounds like science fiction tho).
  4. Raphraph

    Raphraph Donor is awesome! Insider

    The "Fast forward" feature already exists :) It currently has not be implemented in the "official" commands, but you can use this feature in the scripts.
    It can also be found in the web-interface, it's the little bar directly above the "information footer" where you can see the track, etc..
  5. Tw1ZeRs

    Tw1ZeRs Member

    I'm fully aware of the bar yet when you press on a time it doesn't run to the specific time you want, as well the fact that the users in the team speak itself can control it will make it way better.
    And I dont know how to install scripts to the bot ATM, Not alone i dont know where i can find that script you are talking about.
  6. Olof

    Olof Member

    The ability to black list certain youtube links
  7. maxibanki

    maxibanki breaks more stuff Staff Member V.I.P. is awesome! Insider

    not available yet, but you can do that via scripting
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  8. Olof

    Olof Member

    Is there already a script made for this? Because I personally have no idea how to make a script for this.
  9. Amer

    Amer Member

    Where do we download this update? Or is it in beta?
  10. Leftwitch

    Leftwitch Member

    I would also suggest a socket.io feature, so people who are also programming in another language can write their backend and send it with the socket.io to the sinusbot and handle it with a script.
  11. Khortz

    Khortz Member

    where i can download beta version (for windows)?
  12. maxibanki

    maxibanki breaks more stuff Staff Member V.I.P. is awesome! Insider

    There is no beta available atm for windows
  13. Xopez

    Xopez New Member

    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I have a wish.

    Since "-update" isn't avaiable at current version, I want a script which tells specific clients on TeamSpeak if there is a new version. Maybe like this:
    A new version for Sinusbot is avaiable. Current Version: 0.9.18-8499d2c. Avaiable Version: 0.9.20-xxxxx.
    Simple text entry's for own language would be well too.

    I don't know if it's already looking for updates, or there is a way like the old one.
  14. irgendwer

    irgendwer V.I.P. V.I.P. is awesome! Insider

    This isn't necessary as the new version has an auto updater.
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  15. RazorLP

    RazorLP Member

    The auto updateter didn´t work fine.. "a manuel update is required"
    So i want a information Script too :D
  16. irgendwer

    irgendwer V.I.P. V.I.P. is awesome! Insider

    This has nothing to do with the updater, this means that the time of your server is wrong as said before in multiple threads already.
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  17. Lala Deviluke

    Lala Deviluke Donor is awesome! Insider

    Hab ich dir ja bereits gesagt
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