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Youtube-dl not avaliable

Hello, when i try to use commands like !qyt (link) and it doesn't work
at upload shows like this https://i.imgur.com/naErr4a.png
youtube-dl not avaliable

im using windows 10, i downloaded last version of youtube-dl api
i downloaded and installed python 3.7.0-amd64.exe
my SinusBot config.ini its like https://i.imgur.com/vY9Q22O.png

and the file youtube-dl its on SinusFolder https://i.imgur.com/O6Lg7Ju.png

what is wrong? idk why isn't working.

sorry for bad english



Helping Hand
is awesome!
I don't know why it ain't working tbh, that's weird.

Everything is setup correctly. o.o

We are missing something.


Helping Hand
is awesome!
You can try and it should be the first thing you had to do.

Thought you already did it^^

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