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    Hi, Someone could suggest a vps kvm stable host, I changed 3 host and it always happened that at least 2 times a month crashed and lagged. I would need a stable host with no problems (or few: D), preferably low cost and with servers in italy or close to the Italy. Thanks so much!
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    Solved Move media from another bot to 1

    I know but before were two different servers and recently we decided to join and have only one server, how can I move all the songs of a bot on the other? with "bot" i mean this: Not an instance or other, i have 2 directory of 2 bots and i need to put them together(only the songs)
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    Solved Move media from another bot to 1

    hi, i've 2 bot on 2 different server and i want to know how to move all the songs from 1 bot to the second bot, to have only 1 bot with all the songs. Thanks so much!