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Bag of Dice

TS3 Bag of Dice 3.4

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Great script has all the features you could want from a dice script.
The only issue we had was it's possible to roll millions of dice that can cause server crashes.

I have fixed this in your sanity checks if you want to take a look: https://gist.github.com/bzyg7b/4b64a0ec0de5132c6681aa072018f8d7
Lukas Westholt
Lukas Westholt
Thank you for your feedback. I'm happy that it works. I will schedule your feature request for the next version, so far I have not wanted to introduce a limitation. I imagine this in the next version in such a way that the user can activate this limitation with a checkbox.
Hi, I just use your script, it's quite amazing, one of my player ask if you could add two features to make it perfect;
The first: may be possible to add more dices in one roll? like (!roll 1 20 + 1 4)
Second: may be possible to add a plus value? like ( !roll 1 20 +5)
If may be possible would be great! thank you so much for the work you are doing, thanks!
Nice script, work as intended!