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Bag of Dice

TS3 Bag of Dice 3.4

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rework (new engine) of Bag of Dice by @kreezxil.

Description by @kreezxil

First the honorable mention getmeoutofhere @ for the original version.

This is a heavy rewrite of that vision.

Same command as before !dice but also you can use !roll.

Major changes:

There are no config settings!

Everything is done through the chat line.

!roll <number of dice> <sides of each die>

You need to roll 5d20 to see how many of your 5 orcs are able to hit the paladin.
!roll 5 20

The bot will then output in the chat channel for all to see the 5 rolls on a 20 side die.

Or maybe you want to play craps! No problem use
!roll 2 6

Remember you want a pair of 1's (snake eyes) or the values of 4, 7, or 11.

Yahtzee is now possible as well flipping a coin 100 times.

more features to come as I think of them, you can always suggest some.

Best regards,

Lukas Westholt

Support @Lukas Westholt

Do you need help? Want a good feature in the next version? Please write me or write under this text.

And please review (positive or negative) this script! :)

Copyright 2018 Lukas Westholt, all rights reserved.
This script is based on Bag of Dice by kreezxil that was based on Dice by GetMeOutOfHere
Image Credits:
Designed by Freepik
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Lukas Westholt
First release
Last update
4.67 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest reviews

Great script has all the features you could want from a dice script.
The only issue we had was it's possible to roll millions of dice that can cause server crashes.

I have fixed this in your sanity checks if you want to take a look:
Lukas Westholt
Lukas Westholt
Thank you for your feedback. I'm happy that it works. I will schedule your feature request for the next version, so far I have not wanted to introduce a limitation. I imagine this in the next version in such a way that the user can activate this limitation with a checkbox.
Hi, I just use your script, it's quite amazing, one of my player ask if you could add two features to make it perfect;
The first: may be possible to add more dices in one roll? like (!roll 1 20 + 1 4)
Second: may be possible to add a plus value? like ( !roll 1 20 +5)
If may be possible would be great! thank you so much for the work you are doing, thanks!
Nice script, work as intended!