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Broadcast [with disabled-per-client option]

TS3 Broadcast [with disabled-per-client option] 0.3.1

No permission to download
Broadcast to specified groups only - syntax:
<main command for broadcast>g 10,20,30 Hi! I am broadcasting this message

So, after the broadcast command just add letter "g" (if command is !bc then it would be !bcg) and then space and write your group IDs you want (in this case 10,20,30 separated by a comma, NOT space) and then a message.
The example above would send orange message to all clients having at least one of those 3 groups in red color.

Requested by: @zBinFluffy
In this update I added 2 new messages for:
- If user doesn't have permission to broadcast
- If user didn't enter any message while trying to broadcast

Also, improved code!
In this update, I recoded the script, to make it more faster and readable and also made some other changes:
  • you can now allow only specified groups to use this script
  • option to disable / enable toggling broadcast messages
And maybe some other things, that I do not remember <3