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Broadcast [with disabled-per-client option]

TS3 Broadcast [with disabled-per-client option] 0.3.1

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Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
TeamSpeak 3

Idea: @EinfachRobin
Author: @DrWarpMan

Broadcast [with disabled-per-client option]
  • Send your (important) messages, to every client on the server
  • Everyone can toggle receiving the broadcast - if you make them able to in the configuration!

    - You can change these settings:
    • Broadcast Command | The command, that clients will use to send new broadcast [DEFAULT: "!broadcast"]
      (<command> (space) <message>)
    • Broadcast To Groups Syntax | The syntax, how will clients send broadcast messages to only specified groups
      (<command>g (space) <groups separated by a comma> <message>)
      EXAMPLE: !bcg 10,20,30 Hello client!
    • Broadcast Groups | Groups, that will allow clients to use the script (if you leave this empty, everybody can use this script)
    • Broadcast Toggling | Whether you allow clients to toggle receiving broadcast [DEFAULT: "unchecked (no)"]
    • Broadcast Toggle Command | The command, that clients will use to toggle receiving broadcast [DEFAULT: "!bctoggle"]
    • Translation | You can change the message, that will clients receive when toggling tips
Thanks for using my script(s), report any bugs & request any new things - I try to be active, so I respond as soon as possible!
Thanks to Sinusbot Team, that helps me a lot to get better in JavaScript!
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