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!come 1.2

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First release
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4.00 star(s) 8 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Updates for the latest Bot version

    Added new malware from @mxschmitt. (Updated to latest Bot version.)
  2. !come

    This script implements the following commands: ! come (The bot joins in the channel of the...
  3. !come

    Changelog: - Updated for 0.9.10

Latest reviews

Great addition. One little thing: it would be nice to be able to add the allowed server group IDs in one line, instead of having to click "Add" for each of them.
After a while or after rebooting the bots, the leave command won't work 'til you toggle the script off and back on.
Can you please fix that..

works very nice but when you are in other channels as the bot you still can write !goaway in the server chat so the musicbot leaves the channel. Maybe you could expand the script with a checkbox "dont listen to server chat"?
Very nice, but the !goaway is not working if I restart the bot. I need to select another channel for default channel, and then back to the real default channel.
Thanks for the update ;) i have a good idea for you if you like it, for the next update you can add a status: Busy/Free if the bot is not playing music you can use !come, if the bot is playing music should reply: Im busy at this moment. That would be very good and users will understand the bot is beign used by a user, is a basic concept if you have better idea is just my idea :) hope is useful
Works perfect, using it since you post it :)
Great addition, sorely needed for server groups who don't need move permissions.
Works not
Works like a charm, thx