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Connect 4 / 4 Gewinnt

Connect 4 / 4 Gewinnt 1.0.2

No permission to download
Dont show witch dot player choose, every one is grey
Hey, everytime i try and create a game, the log just hits me with "/ NOTFOUND/NOPRIV", any ideas as to why?, still giving 5 stars cause it seems like an awesome addon.
Thanks for the update! Good script!
Wenn ich ein befehl eingebe dann passiert nichts.
Liegt es vielleicht daran das dieses Script nur auf die alter version von TeamSpeak läuft?
Könndest du auch machen das man Gruppen hinzufügen kann
Works good, but I found a bug. One client can join game as 2, and then game starts, but it gives rounds like: p1-p2-p2-p2...
I really don't know if this can be fixed or not, but one client spammed my logs one day...
Actually, It works like: who wants to play is moved to other channel.
Rly ? you have no permission to use this command
< !c4 create > / NOTFOUND/NOPRIV bitte um hilfe
Amazing and Funny!

But you can make the option to give permissions to Groups ?
Extrem cool ;)
Amazing script!! wow you are incredible!!
Voll cool :)