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Expanding Channel

TS3 Expanding Channel 1.5.2

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add function which checks every minutes for empty channels
changed behaviour of delete timeout, channel will get deleted 10 seconds after a user moved last inside or outside the channels
fix channel deletion bug in mode wait bottom to empty
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add maximum amount of channels to create
add possibility to remove voice encryption
add possibility to keep order of channels and only delete if the bottom channels are empty
removed joinpower from settings -> use permission i_channel_needed_join_power instead
removed talkpower -> use permission i_client_needed_talk_power instead
add config for minimum amount of channels to keep
* automatically convert UINT32 to INT32 for i_icon_id
* implement support for various custom channel names
add support of setting description and topic
add support of setting custom permissions
removed joinPower setting
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fix invoker undefined when temporary channel gets deleted
add support for roman numerals
add support for permission i_channel_needed_join_power