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TS3 ServerGroup Notifier 1.0

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[Working with SinusBot Version 0.13.37 on Teamspeak 3.1. Written with newest script engine.]
I made this script for personal use. Feel free to edit&reupload it or suggest new features that I can implement.

Feature Example:

Script will send a custom message/poke to a User if the User is in one of the configured ServerGroup (multiple server groups possible) and joined the configured channel. Also all users of a configured ServerGroup (multiple server groups possible) will recieve a message/poke if a user with the servergroup joined this channel.


-> Guest User is joining Entrancehall-Channel
-> Bot send Message to Guest User "Hello User, welcome to our Server"
-> Users of Moderator Server Group getting message from Bot "Guest User joined the Channel"

I will add some more features in the next time like placeholder for the custom messages.

Feedback & Suggestions appreciated :)
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Latest updates

  1. Update to 1.0

    You can set up now multiple single and support/guest notifications! Also added new placeholder...

Latest reviews

It works like a charm, you just need to edit the line 101 and remove:
+ "~" + rplUsername (not needed)
the format is : [URL=client://CLID/UID]username[/URL]