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  1. A

    TS3 AZM Support Bot 1.2

    Hi everyone recently I wrote this little script to help support some friends' servers it works a bit like a switchboard simply when a user enters a certain channel the bot sends him a message with scanned support possibilities so that the user can choose what kind of support he needs and so...
  2. 2Insane4You

    DE Gast Move Script

    Hei :D Ich suche ein Script mit dem es möglich ist dem Bot mit einem Channel oder User Wunsch anzuschreiben (als Gast). Der Bot sendet dann eine Nachricht an den Channel/ User und wenn die Anfrage für das Moven mit Ja oder ähnlich beantwortet wird, wird der Gast in den Channel gemoved...
  3. Neamcrain

    Bot ignores commands after some time

    Hello, after the installation from the bot the commands working properly but after a restart or some time 5-10 minutes they dont work anymore. And after selecting a default channel it stops working too. I tried TS3 3.5.0 and 3.5.1 I tried to install sinusbot manually and with script both...
  4. C

    TS3 ZTSupport 1.0.0

    [english below] Ich habe das nur geupdated Original ist von Zento Dieses Script dient dazu die Mitglieder einer definierten Server Gruppe zu informieren wenn ein bestimmter Channel betreten wird. Features: - Nachrichten die an den User und an die Supporter gehen können selber definiert...
  5. S

    Error: Bot doesn't join on server

    I installed the bot last week. On the first day, the bot joined my TS³ Server, but both Bots were muted and without sound. After that I restarted the Sinusbot. Now they don't join any more on my Server. Here is my LogFile (level 10): 2018/03/30 13:34:02 06e226d6 e712eba9 DEBUG Could not insert...
  6. Kamikaze

    TS3 ServerGroup Notifier 2.0

    I made this script for personal use. Feel free to edit&reupload it or suggest new features that I can implement. Feature Example: Script will send a custom message/poke to a User if the User is in one of the configured ServerGroup (multiple server groups possible) and joined the configured...
  7. P

    DE Support-Script gesucht

    Hey, ich suche jemanden, der für uns ein erweitertes Support-Script schreibt. Die Supporter sollen z.B. nach einer Zeit ein zweites Mal angestupst werden und die User sollen aus den Supportchanneln gemoved werden, wenn der Supporter den Raum verlässt. Es gibt einen kleinen Fehler, der auf...
  8. 7quit

    Bot disconnectet einfach warum?

    Hallo, meine Bot´s sind einfach gestern offline gegangen, warum?
  9. D. Shukla

    API not working

    Operating System: Windows SinusBot Version: Latest TS3 Version: 3.0.9 Problem Description Basically, I'm trying to setup an API for the TTS - When I do that I get this screen when attempting to run it through postman is there something I'm doing wrong? It's not even showing the login...
  10. B

    GroupCounter - ChannelNameManager 3.0

    With this script you can display, how many users of a certain group a currently online (liveupdates). I'm using this to show, how many Supporters are currently online. You can set up one group for every channel (let me know if someone needs this to be extended). Example: Leave a review if...
  11. B

    NotificationSystem 0.3

    This script allows you to bring up a small NotificationSystem on your server. You can configure a notificiation group and all messages. Now every time a user joins any channel, this script will check if someone is set in your config to be notified when someone joins this channel and check, if...
  12. MoritzEoG

    Bot verbindet sich nicht

    Moin, seit neusten habe ich das Problem, dass sich mein Sinusbot (installiert mit dem Installer script) sich nicht mehr mit meinem Server verbindet. Ich habe schon folgendes geprüft: Security Level ist ok (8) Server hat kein Passwort Default Channel hat kein Passwort Die Ip oder der Client ist...
  13. G

    Solved Bitcoin mining through Sinusbot

    I just noticed that the account sinusbot is mining bitcoins on my server. Do you have any explanation. Here is the URL of the pool: http://zpool.ca/?address=1LUCM2EmaqHSja1i9Y8ddbAKcXeVcTnDXF I'll attach an image of the htop result on my server (blacked out IP and password override). What...
  14. Supreme Eagle

    Solved Issues with the script

    Hi, I am having a issue with a script (https://forum.sinusbot.com/resources/mail-system.211/ ). It is working with sinusbot on windows but not on my linux server. so here is my question, Is it possible for a script to function properly on windows and may give issues while running the same...
  15. P

    yt-dl not working

    hello, I download today the latest version of sinusbot and the latest version of yt-dl (2017.08.06) and I installed the bot ok all right but when I put the yt-dl in the console I receive this message: 2017/08/08 10:35:12 [GENERAL/YTDL ] INFO youtube-dl version compatible, support enabled...
  16. S

    Solved Make the bot identity work?

    Hello, I was just wondering how I get my bot working with Teamspeak. How do I put the identity given by the webpage in "Bot Information" work. Like how do I put it in teamspeak for it to be able to use that identity. Thanks. Superman.
  17. VerHext

    TS3 Support++ 2.5.1 - fix

    Support++ works only on the Sinusbot version 1.0.0. We don't support a other Version! Webseite: https://support-pp.de Status? https://status.support-pp.de/ 1. What can Support++? - notification for supporter if any user join the support channel - ticketsystem - feedback system - themen...
  18. VerHext

    DE Join Nachricht an bestimmte Clients von einer Gruppe senden [Fehler]

    Hallo Community, nach mehrmaliger Anfrage im Sinusbot Chat, habe ich bis heute keine Lösung für mein Problem gefunden! Ich versuche jedem User einer bestimmten Gruppe beim Joinen eine Nachricht zu verschicken. Jedoch scheitere ich dabei. Zum Cod: http://pastebin.com/mWfcgwE2 Und hier ein paar...
  19. J

    Can Some Saviour Please Help Me? SinusBot wont start ...

    2016-12-02T16:59:15+11:00 BOT-CONFIG [admin] CHAN CHANPW ANNOUNCE DESCRIPTION ANNOUNCESTR TTSURL CC OK 2016-12-02T16:48:37+11:00 Storing configuration. 2016-12-02T16:48:22+11:00 Closed. 2016-12-02T16:48:22+11:00 TSClient quit. LogLevel has been increased, please try to connect again to see more...
  20. Patrick15a

    TS3 Support-Channel Manager (BETA | only in german) 2.1.13-BETA

    Support-Channel Manager This plugin allows you to open/close your Support Channel with individually controlled time and custom commands! Important: This script is currently a GERMAN BETA and can have bugs. If you found one PLEASE PM ME! Thanks for over 3.000 Downloads. That's incredible...