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Simple Channel Creator

TS3 Simple Channel Creator 0.2.1

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  • Fixed: Race condition during script initialization
  • Added: Support for passwords, talk power & join power has been added
  • Improved: Bot should now edit channels less often
  • Fixed: Reserved characters in regular expressions are now being escaped properly and can be used as "emptySuffix"
  • Fixed: The emptySuffix would not be removed/added to the channel if somebody joined/left
  • Fixed: The new "emptySuffix" would break the automatic indexing of the script and lead to the bot not creating channels anymore
  • Improved: The script will no longer update EVERY channel when changes are made to the configuration. Instead, it will look for differences between the permissions and the configured values and decide whether or not an update is necessary. This reduces the number of annoying "Your channel was edited" messages to a minimum
  • Added: Support for password protected channels
  • Added: Support for talk power
  • Added: Support for empty channel suffix
  • Fixed: The channel codec quality is now being set correctly
  • Fixed: The script would delete an empty channel although there were no other empty channels available
  • Changed: On initialization, the script will now always create at least one empty channel. This has not been the case if for example one channel with one user in it existed before the script has been initialized. In this case, no new channel would be created on script initialization.
  • Changed: The behavior of the 'Minimum number of channels to keep' configuration value has been adjusted. The number you specify here will have an impact on how many CHANNELS the script will create, not how many EMPTY CHANNELS the script will keep.