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Simple Channel Creator

TS3 Simple Channel Creator 0.1.3

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Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
TeamSpeak 3
This simple script creates configured channels automatically when necessary and is directly inspired by Filtik's "Auto Channel Creator".

Automatically creates channels with configured
  • Name (configurable prefix + channel number)
  • Minimum channels
  • Maximum users
  • Audio codec
  • Audio codec quality
  • Topic
  • Description
  • Needed join power
We had some problems with the Auto Channel Creator. Sometimes it would not create/delete the required channels and we noticed that the performance was just not good enough for bigger TeamSpeak 3 Servers.
Also configuring the required join power did not seem to do anything.
That's why I created a new, simplified version with less features but working correctly.

When to use?
Use this script if you are experiencing any problems with the Auto Channel Creator and are able to live without features like password protected channels, pre-defined channel names or configurable talk power.

Public Gist
You can look at the changes made to the code right here:

This script is a lightweight alternative to the Auto Channel Creator with less features and does not stand in competition to it.
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Latest updates

  1. Minor Bugfix

    Fixed: The channel codec quality is now being set correctly
  2. Minor Bugfixes

    Fixed: The script would delete an empty channel although there were no other empty channels...
  3. Minor Changes

    Changed: The behavior of the 'Minimum number of channels to keep' configuration value has been...