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SinusBot for Linux

SinusBot for Linux 1.0.0-beta.16

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  • fix: repair a major fail / typo of the author *cough*
  • fix(vm): rename delete(key) to unset(key) *coughagain*
Sorry for the previous release :)
  • change: next track will be played even on all files / folders (shuffled, though)
  • enh(vm): set password for channels
  • enh(vm): delete(key) now deletes what set(key, val) saved
  • fix: make server changeable again after disconnect
  • fix: make webstream work again with several sampleintervals
This is an experimental build. I'm not yet sure if the first change will make it to the final release, or if I just need to make it configurable or such.

Please let me know what you think about it :)
Ready for a scripting-weekend? :)
  • feat(vm): added new dev-script for easier debugging (hot-reload, event debugger)
  • enh(vm): better log-messages from plugins (prefixed)
  • enh(vm): added third (optional) parameter to the main plugin callback; this will be filled with the plugins' information (name, description...); see dev.js
To use hot-reloading, you need to enable it in your config.ini:
AllowReload = true

Enabling the event-debugger will cause a lot of log entries and will show you which events come with which parameters.
  • feat(vm): add function getUsers()
  • feat(vm): add function to set avatar from current track
  • feat(vm): add function to reset avatar to default
  • feat(vm): add function to remove avatar
  • enh: move alone-mode to script
  • fix: handle newlines in chat correctly
  • fix: clean-up showcase.js (a bit)
  • fix(vm): make select-options work again
  • fix: sorting of channels
  • fix: prevent libguard messages
  • fix: license issues