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Tips [with disabled-per-client option]

TS3 Tips [with disabled-per-client option] 0.4

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Hello users of my script!

I completely recoded this script, to be more faster / readable,
but also added a new option to enable / disable toggling tips by your clients!
And you can now translate your toggling messages through web interface!

Also redesigned the resource's page.
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Added a new option:
- you can send tips, to the server chat now!
- you can:
  • enable server chat tips, but disable tips in private chats
  • enable server chat tips, and enable tips in private chats
  • disable server chat tips, and enable tips in private chats
> "Random method" - script will pick random tip, and send it to all users

If you find a bug, or want to add something, just write it.