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Twitch Status

TS3 Twitch Status 2.0.2

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  • additional checks for wrong settings
  • switched the internal data processing
  • improved debug messages
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  • fixed: replacing multiple occurences of "%-tags" in channel description
  • fixed: wrong boolean state at replacing preview to logo
  • edit: custom localisation strings gathered in line 704-719
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  • Major update with new features and fixes
  • adjusted to the new Twitch-API and the necessary authentification
  • fix: Channel update
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  • update: Twitch API to v5
  • add: No update if online
  • fix: viewer and follower amount fixed
  • fix: Script startup
  • update to new sinusbot engine
  • minimal code updates
  • fix: "Replace pic to logo when offline?" now works
  • fix: Multiple streams supported again
  • Script again something improved
  • Error message removed if a streamer has no BTTV
  • Error message adapted with correct error output