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Twitch Status

TS3 Twitch Status 1.6.0

No permission to download
Compatible Backends
TeamSpeak 3
The Script updates the defined Channel's Name with the Status for the given streamer, if it is online the channel is for example named: XyZ ( League of Legends) is online! :)
Just install it and configure it set a Channel, your Streamer's Name and a Check Interval.

The Bot needs the Permissions for Editing Channels.
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First release
Last update
3.58 star(s) 24 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. update to 1.6.0

    update: Twitch API to v5 add: No update if online fix: viewer and follower amount fixed
  2. update to 1.5.1

    fix: Script startup
  3. update to 1.5.0

    update to new sinusbot engine minimal code updates

Latest reviews

Channels are not updating, WebInterface is unusable after activating the Script or the Bot crashes
Funktioniert leider überhaupt nicht. Einstellungen sind laut Tutorial alle korrekt aber das Script interessiert sich null dafür, ob ein Channel online oder offline ist und passt auch die Channel nicht an.
Works as promised
needs update i change my rating when its updated
maybe is good script but with the update 1.5.1 the Sinusbot does not load the script.
It's prefect but is possibile to add a message to send at user or poke in the script when a streamer go online?
Macht was es tun soll! :)
Its a very good script but with the update 1.5.0 the Sinusbot does not load the script.
Please update
Please update to Botversion Alpha <3