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afk mover

  1. Qhiliqq

    [Script] Easy AFK Script

    Hi :) I havn't found any AFK script which does exatly the following: If a user is idel/deaf for x seconds he should be moved to specific afk channel. Whitelist for the script (only the selected channels will be checked), cause on big servers a blacklist is much complicated and every channel...
  2. B

    betterAFK 1.2

    With this Script you can easily move idle users into a configured AFK-Channel. You can select groups and uuids, which the bot should not interact with. You can also select channels as alternate AFK-Channels and the bot won't move clients out of these channels. After a certain amount of time...
  3. C

    EN [REQUEST] Move after specified time since joining channel

    Hi, could anyone program a script which moves users from the welcome channel (or a channel which can be specified) to another channel after a configured time? Nice to configure would be: Time until move The channels from where to move The destination channel Maybe selectable options like when...
  4. irgendwr

    TS3 AFK mover (Away/Mute/Deaf/Idle) v2.4.0

    Note: This script is not being updated frequently - it should still work fine though. Requires an up to date sinusbot (v0.13.37 or later). Installation: Download the script and put it in the scripts folder Reload/restart the bot Go to your webinterface > Settings > Scrips and enable the script...