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  • Happy New Year everyone! A new version (1.0.0-beta.16) is out for Linux, fixing an issue that could lock the bot up when using it with TS3. Please visit the resources section or the main page (https://www.sinusbot.com) for the new package.
AFK mover (Away/Mute/Deaf/Idle)

TS3 AFK mover (Away/Mute/Deaf/Idle) v2.4.0

No permission to download
Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
  1. TeamSpeak 3
This script is not being updated frequently - it should still work fine though.
Requires an up to date sinusbot (v0.13.37 or later).

  1. Download the script and put it in the scripts folder
  2. Reload/restart the bot
  3. Go to your webinterface > Settings > Scrips and enable the script by checking the box next to it
  4. configure the script as you like (by clicking on the arrow to show the options)
  5. Click on 'Save changes' on the bottom
  6. Make sure that the the bot has enough move power (i_client_move_power)
Example Config:

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.
I'd appreciate a rating/like if you like this script:)

If you need support don't just write it as a review, no one can/will help you this way, instead post your problem in the discussion thread of this script.
First release
Last update
4.40 star(s) 20 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Not actively maintained

    Hi everyone, I'm posting this notice because this script is still being used by a lot of people...
  2. v2.4.0 - Custom message & minor improvements

    Hello random person reading this changelog, what's up? Thanks for all of your feedback & likes...
  3. v2.3.2 - Fixed idle mover and notifications

    Fixes: Fixed idle mover Fixed notifications

Latest reviews

2020-02-26T21:09:54+01:00 [AFK_Mover_(AwayMuteDeafIdle):582:20] [WARN] AFK Channel not found on load.

2020-02-26T21:09:54+01:00 [AFK_Mover_(AwayMuteDeafIdle):582:20] [WARN] Unable to find afk channel. :/
If you need support don't post it as a review, no one can/will help you this way,
instead post your problem in the discussion thread of this script.
Works great, thank you!
Works perfectly ! Thanks !!

Debian GNU/Linux 9.9 (stretch)
Kernel: Linux 4.9.0-9-amd64
ts3client_linux_amd64 (Version 3.3.0)
Sinusbot Version: 1.0.0-beta.5-b262b6a
Worked very well but please add support for 1.0
Should work fine with 1.0.0 as is.
If not then you can post a detailed error report in the script discussion.
Good Mover. Only function i miss, to have whitelisted channels. If you have 3 AFK Channels, the bot won't move the users to the defined afk channel, because he is already in a different AFK-Channel
move back für idle wäre noch klasse, ansonsten top script!
Einfach nur klasse genau das was wir brauchen Sehr Großes lob die White/blacklist funktion wurde sehr gut umgesetzt läuft wie eine Eins.

Weiter so...
5 ✭✭✭✭✭
Tolles Script!

mir fehlt allerdings die Möglichkeit Channel so Blacklisten. Im Moment werden die User aus den anderen AFK Channeln auch gemovt was nicht so geil ist
Schönes Script aber eine Funktion nur bestimmte Channel zu überprüfen wäre echt super als Z.B nur Channel XY auf muted User überprüfen habe vor die Eingangshalle als einzelnen Channel zu überprüfen und müsste nach aktuellem Stand alle anderen 300 Channle auf die ignorelist setzten.
Beste Grüße
funktioniert super,
ich hab die variable "msg" geändert, hoffe dass kein Problem ist.
String "cause" hab ich nicht angefasst wäre aber perfekt wenn man den auch bearbeiten kann