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AFK mover (Away/Mute/Deaf/Idle)

TS3 AFK mover (Away/Mute/Deaf/Idle) 2.2.0

No permission to download
This script is not being updated frequently - it should still work fine though.
Requires an up to date sinusbot (v0.13.37 or later).

  1. Download the script and put it in the scripts folder
  2. Reload/restart the bot
  3. Go to your webinterface > Settings > Scrips and enable the script by checking the box next to it
  4. configure the script as you like (by clicking on the arrow to show the options)
  5. Click on 'Save changes' on the bottom
  6. Make sure that the the bot has enough move power (i_client_move_power)

Example Config:

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.
I'd appreciate a rating/like if you like this script:)

If you need support don't just write it as a review, no one can/will help you this way, instead post your problem in the discussion thread of this script.
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4.33 star(s) 12 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. v2.2.0 - Ignore Channels

    Hey everyone, it has been a while since I last updated this script (almost one year!) and a lot...
  2. fixed typo

    fixed the issue "Cannot access member 'id' of undefined at away_mover.js"
  3. added idle mover & notification

    New features: move idle clients (use a reasonable time threshold! ) added option to notify afk...

Latest reviews

Schönes Script aber eine Funktion nur bestimmte Channel zu überprüfen wäre echt super als Z.B nur Channel XY auf muted User überprüfen habe vor die Eingangshalle als einzelnen Channel zu überprüfen und müsste nach aktuellem Stand alle anderen 300 Channle auf die ignorelist setzten.
Beste Grüße
funktioniert super,
ich hab die variable "msg" geändert, hoffe dass kein Problem ist.
String "cause" hab ich nicht angefasst wäre aber perfekt wenn man den auch bearbeiten kann
Gutes script nur wenn man sein kopfhörer muted bekommt man zwei nachrichten:

You were moved to the afk channel, reason: mute queue
You were moved to the afk channel, reason: deaf queue
Solide Script, eigene Nachrichten wären aber sehr toll ☺
Nice Plugin,
But please add, Own AFK messages and, Channel Ignore list.
Super Script 5*
SImple,but works great
Funktioniert jetzt auch wieder unter Windows! Danke schön für dieses Script :)
Hi, this script works fine, although personally i think it should be done like this.
So if people were idling the Default join channel for 60secs
then they should be moved to the AFK Channel, instead of the script checking every channel.
therefore add an option to select the channel you would like to check for idlers, then they'll be moved.
Any thanks!
Channel/Client/Servergroup Blacklist? Also das jemand in dem Channel/mit der UUID/mit der Servergruppe nicht gemovet wird wenn er abwesend geht.
servergroup blacklist ist jetzt möglich, channel blacklist wird in einem update folgen :)