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auto assign group

  1. HerrSammy

    TS3 Auto Server Group add on join 1.2

    Auto Server Group add on join ------------------------------------------- Features: Set the server group to be set when joining the server. You can add certain groups to be ignored. (You can enter multiple IDs, just separate them with a ","!) -------------------------------------------...
  2. Relentless

    TS3 Automated Servergroups 2.2.2

    Credits: Author: Relentless SinusBot-Discord Icon: Mortis
  3. Relentless

    TS3 Automated Header Groups 2.0.1

    Credits: Author: Relentless SinusBot-Discord
  4. Runningcore

    TS3 CountryManager 1.4.0

    This script offers you options to manage users based on their country with manual and automatic functions. some use case examples (more/multiple options are available if the full feature width used): assign automatically country groups to users based on their country automatically kick or ban...
  5. S

    EN Script Request. Server Group Signup.

    Is i possible for someone to make a script that someone could register st a server group with some sort of two step verification.