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  1. essem

    channel creation parent channel not applied after update

    Just updated to 1.0.0-beta.1 and encountered a problem with the channel creation now: the channel got created but below the whole channeltree, previously it was created as a subchannel while using this code: //... var currentchannel = client.getChannels()[0]...
  2. Lukas Westholt

    DE Problem with saving Config - Sinusbot 1.0a4 [BETA]

    Hey, ich habe das Problem, dass mein Script unter der 1.0.0-alpha.4 mit engine.saveConfig() nicht funktioniert. Die engine.saveConfig(config) gibt immer false aus und speichert nichts. Auch engine.saveConfig({}) == false und funktioniert nicht. Woran liegt das? Das Problem hatte ich mit dem...
  3. Qhiliqq

    EN Sinusbot Installer Script

    Qhiliqq hat eine neue Ressource erstellt: Sinusbot Installer Script - Install latest Sinusbot, TS3-Client and YT-DL. Weitere Informationen zu dieser Ressource...
  4. Dinip

    Bot does not answer "UPDATER Could not determine own version"

    Operating System: Linux SinusBot Version: 0.9.15-b20cc30 TS3 Version: Problem Description I start the bot and he works fine but after 2 or 3 hours I send a command like !yt www.com and he does not answer. When I go the screen I see http://pastebin.com/dimL0vpW I have the last version...
  5. Gurken2108

    Beta does not start

    Hello everyone, i tried to install any version above 0.9.10-e1fdee3 but the sinusbot does not start/ no output. No Log File, also with Log Level 10! sinusbot@debian:/opt/sinusbot$ ./sinusbot sinusbot@debian:/opt/sinusbot$ I've tested it on three different systems, all on Debian 8 64bit. The...
  6. Lord Spectre

    Bug PID file or better signal handling (for Supervisor compatibility)

    I just updated from SinusBot 0.9.8 to, on a VPS running Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS x64. I noticed that, unlike the old version, when I start it two "sinusbot" processes get executed. I am using Supervisor to manage the process, and when I request to terminate it, it sends a SIGTERM...
  7. B

    SinusBot broken after every restart

    Hello, I have currently installed the latest SinusBot version on my Ubuntu Server 15.10 Server. If I first start SinusBot after installation, it will work just fine. If I try to start SinusBot a second time (e.g. when my Server restarted or when I just restart SinusBot) it won't work. It just...
  8. M

    Failed from data/voice reader: EOF

    Hallo erstmal ich habe seit dem ich das betriebsystem habe (SMP Debian 3.2.81-1 x86_64) (vorher ging alles mit Ubuntu) das problem das der SinusBot nicht mehr auf TS3 Server connectet. Meine Hardware = Morzilla Firefox 64 bit Win 10 pro 64 bit 4GB DDr2 Ram GTS 450 AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core...
  9. gameboy9999

    SinusBot beta

    Hello, Can anybody talk me How i install SinusBot beta with Scripts. So how i install the scripts in the SinusBot? Do You have youtube or twitch for this thread than please give me the link ______________________________________________________________ Hallo, Kann mir jemand sagen wie ich den...
  10. X

    Solved PLEASE CLOSE [DE] Youtube-dl Fehler

    Hey Leute hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen also: Wenn ich beim mein Sinusbot aktuellste beta mit script funktion irgendwas von youtube downloaden will zeigt er mir ein komischen Fehler. Hab ihn mal unschön markiert SIEHE HIER . Weis jemand woran das liegt? System: Betriebssystem...
  11. omano

    EN Problem with track

    I'm writing a script to ba able to set a command that will play set track. Here is where I am: /* */ registerPlugin({ name: 'Commandes custom track', version: '0', description: 'Script supposed to assign a comand/string msg to a track', author: 'omano', vars: {...