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  1. Y

    Error Could not playback the selected file / stream.

    Hello friends recently I got a vps and I installed sinusbot I've been using it for 1 week and yesterday that error began any solution? https://gyazo.com/82121959ff2b90ad9953b9d20e5ba587
  2. GODZAPjr

    Could not contact update server

    Hello, I am having troubles turing on my musicbot, it keep on saying could not contact update server, and i don't know what is going on, please help
  3. EdisonJwa

    [Bugs/Error] Ubuntu 16.04 LTS/Debian 9 - a manual update is required

    How Can I Fix This ? Because of this I can't run the SinusBot [email protected]:/opt/sinusbot$ ./sinusbot ___ ___ _ _ _ _ ___ ___ ___ _____ BETA / __|_ _| \| | | | / __| _ )/ _ \_ _| \__ \| || .` | |_| \__ \ _ \ (_) || | |___/___|_|\_|\___/|___/___/\___/ |_| Version: 0.10.8-71ba94b (C)...
  4. irgendwr

    Feature Collection of feature requests, bugs and documentation issues

    This is just a collection of stuff that could be changed, it's probably not an ideal solution but at least better than sending an individual message to @flyth each time ^^ If you have more ideas post them in thread and I might add them. :) NOTE: This thread is outdated! feature requests: - add...
  5. FreezeMc

    I need help with multiple problems/questions.

    Version: 9.15 Operating system: Windows 10 Specs short: i5 processor, 32 RAM (I know...), GTX 980 Ti Browser: Google Chrome Hello people, Been using Sinusbot for a while now and like many others people enjoy the music but like the title betrays I got problems. I am myself not a real...
  6. M

    Bug [German]

    German: Hallo, Ich habe kein zugriff mehr auf meinen SinusBot D: dass ist voll schlecht!!! Ich habe alle Passwörter versucht. Auch: Name: admin Passwort: foobar aber es ging immer noch nicht (Ich habe auch schon SinusBot gestartet und dann versucht mich anzumelden aber es ging immer noch nicht...
  7. CubeDev

    Bug Instance settings don't save

    I got the same problem as this reported in this thread. But unfortunatly this thread got closed so I couldn't reply. I use Firefox on Windows 7. When saving settings of an instance, and then refresh the site, the settings don't get saved (but sometimes they do). And the IP, Port and Name of the...