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SinusBot doesn't work on Local IP Adress


Hello, I'm a bash script writer. I'm writing a bash script for installing teamspeak servers, sinusbot and etc. I have installed a sinusbot on my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server, and it connected on my local teamspeak server. But the commands wasn't working on my local teamspeak server. I changed the server address to another server, (which isn't on my local server) the commands was working very well. Idk what causes this issue and I don't have access to my logs because I'm on the phone.

Then, I created a DNS from my domain and linked it to my local teamspeak server. And I used the DNS as IP address of the server. And the commands were working very well again. I think the problem here is the connecting to server with local IP addresses such as (localhost, I fixed my issue by writing a DNS but my users (which may not know anything about DNS and other stuff) might face this issue and don't know how to solve that. How can I fix this Issue?