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  1. J

    TS3 Twitch Live Checker 1.2.0

    Twitch Live Checker Description Ever had this problem: You were streaming, and forgot to display this somehow, like setting your nick to [LIVE] your nick or something? A user comes in and starts talking to you, and he somehow lets some words slip he shouldn't say? Well, I had... :D So with this...
  2. DrWarpMan

    TS3 Group Checker 0.5.2

    ALWAYS USE THE LATEST VERSION OF SINUSBOT! Idea: @Vxrious Author: @DrWarpMan Group Checker This script checks if user has a specified group(s), otherwise, it will notify him every X seconds Configuration - You can change these settings: Group Checker Notify Type | Notification type [Poke...
  3. Multivitamin

    TS3 Bad Nickname Check 1.2.3

    Checks for Bad Nicknames and Kicks or Messages them, Bad Nicknames can be entered via JavaScript Regex in format: /B[a4]dn[i1]ckn[a4]m[e3]/i /[a4]n[o0]th[e3]rn[1i]ck/i and so on... This Regex will block all Users with the Nickname: b4dnicknAME BADNICKNAME B4dn1ckn4m3 4n0th3rn1ck ANOTHERNICK...