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Group Checker

TS3 Group Checker 0.5

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Script was requested by @Vxrious

Group Checker
- This script checks if user has a specified groups, otherwise, it will notify him every X seconds.

Group Checker - Configuration
- You can change:
  • the type of notification - [Poke; Chat; Both (Poke & Chat)]
  • the time, how often will it notify the user. [Default: 120]
  • the poke or chat message [Default: "" (empty)]
  • the groups identities, that will be checked, if users have
  • the option to check channel or server groups
  • the option to check if user is in at least one / or all of the server groups
  • the option to disable / enable whitelisted channels (notification will receive users in whitelisted channels ONLY)
  • the option to disable / enable automatically adding subchannels of whitelisted channels to the whitelist automatically
Group Checker - Author
> @DrWarpMan
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Latest updates

  1. NEW: Checking multiple groups at once & more!

    Added: Multiple groups [option] Check if user is in at least one / or all of the server groups...
  2. NEW: Whitelisted channels

    Added: [option] Whitelisted channels - Only users in these channels will get notification...
  3. Code Cleanup

    This is just update, for better readability.

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