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Bad Nickname Check

TS3 Bad Nickname Check 1.2.1

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Checks for Bad Nicknames and Kicks or Messages them,

Bad Nicknames can be entered via JavaScript Regex in format:
and so on...

This Regex will block all Users with the Nickname:

and so on...

If you have questions on how to work with Regex ask them in the Thread not via Private Messages thank you!

Use for every Nickname a seperate Line!
A tool which may help you by creating new Regex Strings https://regex101.com/

About the Parameter "Startup Timeout"
This Parameter is here to get a small Start UP delay so the Sinusbot is able to fetch all ServerGroups which may need time on larger Servers with many Users in the Groups!
After the delay it will do a Nick Full check on every Visible Client for the Bot and then only listen on events "connect" and "nickname change"

Tested and developed on
First release
Last update
3.78 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Integrated Webfiles for the Generator

    Unzip the zip file and upload the content to your sinusbot scripts folder
  2. Rewrite for new Scripting Engine

    Code Optimizations and removed Initialization Timeout Thanks for Tütchen for Testing <3
  3. Custom Messages for each Rule

    Now you can create custom Rules for each Bad Nickname this would look like this...

Latest reviews

A must have for every TS!
Great job Multivitamin. I'm not getting trolls anymore! Thanks for that!
It's a good idea for that addon but it doesn't work at all, I tried it with the Regax Format and the normal, well it didn't worked.
Funktioniert Super bei mir das Regex Format blockt wirklich alles.
Richtig Cooles Script
Good, but:
If a User is already connected, and changes then his username, he don't get kicked
Did you check the Logs? Maybe the Bot already Reports that he has not enough Permissions to kick the User,
I will do some tests later this week
not working anymore
geht bei mir nicht...
Anbei noch ein paar Beispiel Wörter.

.*n[[email protected]]z[i!1].*
.*[[email protected]]u(s|2|ss|22|&szlig;)[l!1]&auml;nd[e3€]r.*
.*(s|2|ss|22|&szlig;)p[[email protected]](s|2|ss|22|&szlig;)t.*
.*[[email protected]]dm[i!1]n[i!1](s|2|ss|22|&szlig;)tr[[email protected]]t[o0]r.*
.*v[[email protected]](g|6|gg|66)[i!1]n[[email protected]].*
.*[[email protected]]dm[i!1]n.*
.*[[email protected]]n[[email protected]][l!1].*
.*[[email protected]]r(s|2|ss|22|&szlig;)ch[l!1][o0]ch.*
.*(s|2|ss|22|&szlig;)[[email protected]]u.*
.*[[email protected]]r(s|2|ss|22|&szlig;)ch.*
.*(s|2|ss|22|&szlig;)chw[[email protected]]nz.*
.*n[[email protected]]z[i!1].*
.*[[email protected]]f(ck|kk|c|cc|k).*
.*[[email protected]]w[[email protected]][y|i|ie].*
.*m[i!1](g|6|gg|66)r[[email protected]]t[i!1][o0]n.*
.*(s|2|ss|22|&szlig;)ch[l!1][[email protected]]mp[e3€].*
Good but fix the link in the description of the installed Script.
See in https://www.pic-upload.de/view-33199462/Unbenannt.png.html