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  1. nerzlakai96

    Solved Event 'clientMove' on Discord usually not working

    Hello, i am experiencing a very weird bug which i tried to fix after several days of testing, but can't fix it. I assume this is a bug in the 'clientMove' Event for Discord. I wrote a script which greets everyone with a configured ClientID in the Sinusbot-Config and plays a sound file (with...
  2. Sparks

    Sinusbot Client instance from event missing info

    I made a log of the event instance from the event clientMove and it's missing the groups of the client that triggered the event, help please, i don't know what to do :( EDIT: script attached, i was just testing the events and logging the event info
  3. mtrex

    Bug Scripts: wrong data in 'clientMove'-event when clients leave

    I noticed, that the information of the 'clientMove'-event is wrong/random if a user leaves the server / the new channel is '0'. The following code inside of a plugin... sinusbot.on('clientMove', function(ev) { if(ev.oldChannel > 0 && ev.newChannel > 0) { sinusbot.log('User "' +...