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  1. devdanetra

    TS3 FACEIT Ranks [CS:GO] Script 1.0

    FACEIT tracker for your TS3 server - Automatically gives faceit cs:go level to your users. !faceit setuser <faceitusername> (Links your faceit account to your ts3 account)!!CASE SENSITIVE!! !faceit unsetuser (Unlinks the account) !faceit me (Shows you basic statistics) !faceit track (Starts...
  2. VerHext

    rankCSGO 0.1

    Support has ended! Features: [English] Give CSGO Ranking information about your username via chat. Attention: This script use the offical api from csgo-stats.net. [Deutsch] Gibt CSGO Ranking Informationen über deinen Benutzernamen im Chat aus. Achtung: Dieses Script nutzt die offizielle Api...
  3. Tuetchen

    Source RCON Query 1.3.0

    Source RCON Query This script can be used to control a server that supports the SOURCE rcon protocol (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source_RCON_Protocol) The script is tested with Garrys Mod, Minecraft and CS:GO servers. For Minecraft you need to enable RCON in the server.properties...