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FACEIT Ranks [CS:GO] Script

TS3 FACEIT Ranks [CS:GO] Script 1.0

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Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
  1. TeamSpeak 3
FACEIT tracker for your TS3 server - Automatically gives faceit cs:go level to your users.

!faceit setuser <faceitusername> (Links your faceit account to your ts3 account)!!CASE SENSITIVE!!
!faceit unsetuser (Unlinks the account)
!faceit me (Shows you basic statistics)
!faceit track (Starts tracking your faceit rank)
!faceit untrack (Stops tracking your faceit rank)

To create an API key follow this guide.

1) go to https://developers.faceit.com/ and login.
2)Create a new app.
3)Go to your newly created app and select API KEYS
4)Create a new API KEY , enable it , and put it in the script config.

Please consider giving a rating if you found this helpful and dm me on the forums if you have any trouble or suggestion.
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very good plugin
Amazing script and support ! thanks :D
Great Script and Easy to use. Love IT ! <3

It there any possibility to add other games then CS:GO?
Would be Awesome.
Yes it's possible, currently working on something big regarding faceit, so i don't have time ATM. Hit me up in DMs in case you need it for other games.
Excellent script that does everything it should.
He even helped me setting it up.
Great work! Keep it up.
Nice Script. Is it possible that when a user enters a specific channel with his faceit username he automatically receives the server group. I mean that the sinus bot auto fill the username part with his currently using username and execute the command automatically. I hope u understand. German Englisch xD
It's possible, write me in dms
Awesome Script! Works perfectly!
good stuff :)
Easy to use and working perfect!