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  1. Akutasan

    TS3 Display Music in Channel Description 0.2

    Hey! You've seen channel name and bot name changer for your music bot but here is one for your music channel description. Can't do anything wrong with this Script: [+] Choose your own Channel [+] Full support for BB Code [+] Full customization [+] Choose Text if Music is playing [+] Choose...
  2. DrWarpMan

    TS3 Fortnite Shop [fortniteapi.io] 2.0.0

    (script is currently broken, non-functional) ALWAYS USE THE LATEST VERSION OF SINUSBOT! Idea: @DasNerdwork Author: @DrWarpMan Github: https://github.com/DrWarpMan/sinusbot-scripts All rights go to Epic Games! Fortnite Shop (fortniteapi.io) Shows Fortnite shop rotation (image, name, price)...
  3. Runningcore

    TS3 CountryManager 1.4.0

    This script offers you options to manage users based on their country with manual and automatic functions. some use case examples (more/multiple options are available if the full feature width used): assign automatically country groups to users based on their country automatically kick or ban...
  4. Tuetchen

    Alternating Channel Descriptions 1.0

    Alternating Channel Descriptions This small Script let you alternate the Channel Descriptions between a predefined Set of Channel Descriptions for a Channel. You can define multiple Channels. The refresh Time for each Channel is configurable separately. Installation Move the script file to...
  5. VerHext

    Bug Scripting - Client.setDescription() not working

    Operating System: Windows / Linux SinusBot Version: 0.9.x TS3 Version: 3.x.x Problem Description Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to set client descriptions with the scripting engine. Try using ev.client.setDescription("Text"); Without any error. The bug was confirmed by @maxibanki
  6. Zalati

    Set track info as description

    Is there a way to change Now playing into another language without having to go through another script?
  7. DCha0tiC

    EN [Request] Add to Channel Description

    Hello Everyone! I come here to humbly ask for anyone that knows well JavaScript, to help me create a simple Tibia Script. I'm very beginner coding JS, so i hope i can get any help here :) The ideia consist on: 1. The Admin on the WebInterface will choose a channel to create a list on the...
  8. FrxX100

    EN Rank channel and Channel description

    Hello. I create a plugin for automatic channels, but I have a problem. Everything works fine but I have no idea how to do that by creating a channel automatically create a description for the channel, and gave the status of "Channel Admin". I tried the code from other plugins and does not work...
  9. Filtik

    Channel description changer 0.5

    Tagchen zusammen, mit den "Channel description changer" könnt ihr die Channelbeschreibung Automatisch immer ändern lassen wenn der nächste Song abgespielt wird. Bei diesen Script könnt ihr folgendes: Beliebig die Beschreibung anpassen
  10. Sephi314

    Autostart instances/uploads/Description

    Hi, How can I auto start instances? Not the bot service only but the bot services+my two instances @ reboot Actually, my ts server and my jts bot are auto launched after every reboot.