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  1. TwentyFour

    TS3 Anti-Solitary-Clients 1.2.3

    📜 Take action against solitary clients! requested by @maxx8888, ideas refined by @itsme Required SinusBot version: 1.0 Allows you to perform various punishments for being solo in a TeamSpeak channel: 👉 Move to a channel 👉 Kick to lobby 👉 Kick from server Whitelisting of multiple server...
  2. C

    EN Detect who is talking

    I'm trying to build a script that performs some action depending on the people currently talking. Is there any way to access this information? I tried using a workaround using getIdleTime(), however, since then I realized that this value is only updated in larger intervals. In another thread, I...
  3. B

    betterAFK 1.2

    With this Script you can easily move idle users into a configured AFK-Channel. You can select groups and uuids, which the bot should not interact with. You can also select channels as alternate AFK-Channels and the bot won't move clients out of these channels. After a certain amount of time...
  4. Filtik

    Idle mover/kicker 0.1

    Idle mover/kicker Tagchen zusammen, hier wieder ein weiteres Script von mir, den "Idle mover/kicker". Dieses Script ließt die Idlezeit von jeden Client aus und je nach Einstellung der maximalen Idlezeit, wird diese in den entsprechenden eingestellten Channel verschoben. Folgende Optionen sind...
  5. Q

    EN Client idle variable

    Hello, I'm a programmer and im trying to customize script: Idle Mover by Friese. The problem is that the 'idle' variable, loaded from getChannels() method, has always the same "random?" value. It is changing only when player connect again. I'm not sure if there is way to update this variable...