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  1. K

    EN Pulling Information from website

    Hey guys, I need some help with something I am working for our Teamspeak server. I am still very new to scripting and have been reading through the scripting documentation but I'm not sure exactly how to write a script that will extract a text for example from a website and send it when a...
  2. J

    CurrentVolume 1.0

    CurrentVolume Simple plugin to get the current volume setting. Usage: - Type "!volume" in chat
  3. Fabeyy

    TS3 Advanced Client Info 1.3.1

    Version 1.3.1 - ES6 - requires at least Sinusbot Version 1.0 - Download Version 1.2.0 - ES5 - requires at least Sinusbot Version 0.9.21 (up to 0.14.3) - Download Older versions can no longer be downloaded, sorry. If you're running an old version of this script on an old sinusbot instance please...
  4. TeamOddity

    Oddstats4PUBG 1.3

    You are able to request your Playerunknowns Battleground data via a custom command that you can set in your settings. The given data can also be altered before its being send to a user thats requesting his data. If no nickname is sent to the bot, it will search for the TeamSpeak nickname of the...
  5. I

    Ethereum Information 1.0

    It fetches the price in EUR in the selected channel from the GDAX Public API. There's an option for the interval as well as (obviously) for the channel. It can easily be used For BTC or USD just by replacing the four "EUR" entries by the desired currency. Based in the Bitcoin Information plugin...
  6. VerHext

    rankCSGO 0.1

    Support has ended! Features: [English] Give CSGO Ranking information about your username via chat. Attention: This script use the offical api from csgo-stats.net. [Deutsch] Gibt CSGO Ranking Informationen über deinen Benutzernamen im Chat aus. Achtung: Dieses Script nutzt die offizielle Api...
  7. Tuetchen

    Weather Information 1.3

    Weather information This script gives information about the weather forecast of a list of chosen cities as a channels description or name. You can define multiple channels and for each channel a list of cities. The script will cycle through these list on every update. Installation Move the...
  8. VJean

    Feature get/set VirtualServerProperties

    Hello. In client plugin SDK exist code for get/set information about Server (VirtualServerProperties/getServerVariableAs***): Has who get this information in sinus javascript?