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Oddstats4PUBG 1.3

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You are able to request your Playerunknowns Battleground data via a custom command that you can set in your settings.
The given data can also be altered before its being send to a user thats requesting his data.
If no nickname is sent to the bot, it will search for the TeamSpeak nickname of the user.

This Script is using an unofficial API from pubgtracker.com.
You can request an API-Key at https://pubgtracker.com/site-api

The available variables are:

known bug:
playing on multiple regions is increasing the json response and making it impossible to make a api call via sinusbot.
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Latest updates

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  2. More functions, increased stability

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  3. Hotfix 1.1

    Fixed: The error message will now be correctly shown when no user was found The error message...

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