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Weather Information

Weather Information 1.3

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Weather information

This script gives information about the weather forecast of a list of chosen cities as a channels description or name. You can define multiple channels and for each channel a list of cities. The script will cycle through these list on every update.

  • Move the script file to the script folder
  • Create an account on https://openweathermap.org to get your own API key
    • It can take up to 10 minutes to activate your new account
  • Save your API key in the script settings and set up your preferences
  • This is an english API so please dont use special characters, else you can get unaccurate information

Supported Placeholders for channel name and description

  • %city - City Name
  • %lat - City Latitude
  • %lon - City Longitude
  • %weather - Weather State
  • %wDesc - Short Description of the Weather
  • %t - Current Temperature in °C
  • %tmax - Max Temperature in °C
  • %tmin - Min Temperature in °C
  • %p - Pressure in hPa
  • %h - Humidity in %
  • %wSpeed - Windspeed in m/s

Also make sure the bot has sufficient permissions to edit the channels.

Feedback or suggestions are welcome.

==This Script was requested by Survivor1508==

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Latest updates

  1. Weather Information 1.3

    Compatibility to current Scripting Engine
  2. Weather Information 1.2

    Added Language Support for Weather Description (Weather State is unfortunatley not translateble...
  3. Weather Information 1.1

    I was stupid and uploaded a picture.

Latest reviews

For those of you where the channel name does not update, check if the channel name will be generated to long. I had that issuse today.

Also if you want to have the feels like temperatur go to
and insert this somewhere between line 363 and 372:

str = str.replace(/%feel/g, convertTemperature(info.main.feels_like, shorten));

Now you can use %feel as placeholder to geht the feels like temperatur.
Thanks for publishing this fantastic script I like it very much.
Works beautifully!
Works fine!
works excellent!
I don't unserstand that with teh API
Very good but i don't understan the Placeholders, Can i get a Example please ?
What placeholder is not understandable?
You set a location in the config and with the placeholders you get the specific values for the configurated location
Very good :D
Gotta give it another 5 stars. AWESOME work man. Love it. Keep up the great work. Thanks.
Why am I trying to download this only shows me a picture?
Now it should work
Best visual version so far. Those effect are gorgeous. 10/10 png

But maybe a downstep from the previous version....