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  1. DalexHDYTB

    EN Access last_connected client property.

    Is there any way to access the last connected client property via scripting api? This is the property I want to get, https://github.com/Multivit4min/TS3-NodeJS-Library/blob/d40fbc004b59138e486f18ee47aa7ce25393f868/src/node/Client.ts#L117. And this is where this property should be available, I...
  2. G

    EN Random command

    Hello, I want to create a random command with SinusBot I've tried differents methods but none works command.createCommand('random') .help('Play a random track') .manual('Play a random track.') .checkPermission(requirePrivileges(PLAYBACK)) .exec((client, args...
  3. G

    EN New command : list [SOLVED]

    Hello, I want to create a list command for the bot for list all tracks in a message. Here are 4 different commands but none succeeds, I have an error each time
  4. Frizzant

    EN TS3 lol-rankify script - Wishlist | Wunschliste

    Wishlist | Wunschliste EN 🌎: I am open for wishes for the league-of-legends-rankify (link) script, and will possibly mention them. You'll get added in the credits if I implement your idea. What do you wish for? What do you need? DE 🇩🇪: Für das league-of-legends-rankify (link) script nehme...
  5. R

    EN ECMAScript Standard

    Hello, I am currently trying to write a script and I noticed that the engine doesn't support "let" variable declarations, "Template Literals" and some other ECMAScript 6/7 features. So I wanted to know which ES version is currently supported and if ES6/7 will be supported in the future ...
  6. vincolus

    TS3 SyncWatch 1.4-1

    INTRO HOWTO FEATURES COMMANDS TASKS Again, please report bugs! Thanks! Bitte bringt mir alle eure Käfer. Vielen Dank!
  7. DCha0tiC

    EN [Request] Add to Channel Description

    Hello Everyone! I come here to humbly ask for anyone that knows well JavaScript, to help me create a simple Tibia Script. I'm very beginner coding JS, so i hope i can get any help here :) The ideia consist on: 1. The Admin on the WebInterface will choose a channel to create a list on the...
  8. bloc97

    EN Which Javascript libraries does Sinusbot use for scripting?

    I'm trying to figure out what libraries sinusbot supports, since some important array, regex and string methods do not work. For example, Object.key(Object obj) crashes my script, and so does Array.push(String string). is it jQuery or something else? Edit: Those two examples worked, it was...
  9. Dooley_labs

    [RESOLVED] Webstream loaded via JS - CORS blocked

    I need to be able to get the webstream through java in order to add a visualizer to my webstream. I've verified everything works webstream-wise and in my javascript, but SinusBot is denying Cross-Origin Requests. How would I go about allowing them so the bot would play? My current code is...
  10. mxschmitt

    Youtube Webinterface 3.0

    German Ein Youtube Such Interface, zum abspielen / downloaden / einreihen von Videos ohne mühsam den Link herauszusuchen. Zusätzlich bietet es Funktionen um über den Chat die Videos von einer Playlist einzureihen und sogar über die normale Suche (nicht das neue Webinterface) mit Youtube direkt...
  11. Edouard

    EN [RESOLVED]Javascript Libraries ?

    Hello everybody! I am a young French developer of 12 years in HTML and CSS, and not long ago, I decided to create a script for the sinusbot (with my bases in JS) and I wanted to know, where I could find Javascript libraries of the sinusbot? Thank you early ^^ PS : If you wan't more...
  12. BadassOverlord

    EN [Support] Adding a new line

    Hi, So I was making a quick script for the bot. Basically what it does is it looks for a chat command and replies to the person who used the command with some text. I'm trying to make a !help command that shows all the commands available to the bot, and as well how to upload/queue up songs...