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  1. G

    EN DE/EN Kick non-whitelistet Clients from Channel?

    Hello Sinusbot-Community, I wanted to ask if there is any script wich kicks a User out of a private Channel, who is not whitelisted somewhere in the script. If there is a script, please post under this thread where I can download or install it. Because the TeamSpeak-Server is not my own, it is...
  2. A

    Integration HandleBot [Stopped]

    HandleBot Version 2.0 Allows specific Clients to control the Bot via Commands. For more Informations: readme.txt
  3. lwer0

    TS3 !RandomKick Remastered [Working] 1.0

    RandomKick script didn't work anymore because of the SinusBot API updates so there's a new version working in 2018! Just use !rkick to have fun!
  4. Lukas Westholt

    TS3 Random Kick 2.1.1

    Image Credits: Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY Designed by Freepik
  5. cakemasher

    SpamControl 1.4

    Because the configuration of the script can be a little cluttered, I've created a seperate web interface purely to configure the bot. With this update, the web interface allows you to configure the bot more easly. Read before continuing: When you replace the old SpamControl script (version 1.2...
  6. Filtik

    Idle mover/kicker 0.1

    Idle mover/kicker Tagchen zusammen, hier wieder ein weiteres Script von mir, den "Idle mover/kicker". Dieses Script ließt die Idlezeit von jeden Client aus und je nach Einstellung der maximalen Idlezeit, wird diese in den entsprechenden eingestellten Channel verschoben. Folgende Optionen sind...
  7. Thunderkill

    Keep Out! 1.1

    EDIT: Allowing certain groups does currently NOT work on windows, you need to wait for a sinusbot update to fix this issue. Simple script to protect channels from pesky outsiders, you can protect multiple channels and allow only certain groups or people. Usage: - Press 'Add' - Select what...