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SpamControl 1.4

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Because the configuration of the script can be a little cluttered, I've created a seperate web interface purely to configure the bot. With this update, the web interface allows you to configure the bot more easly.

Read before continuing:
When you replace the old SpamControl script (version 1.2 and below) to the new version (version 1.3 and above), the current configuration will be removed. The new version will require to reconfigure the script from the ground up. You might want to save your current configuration to another location, to be able to reconfigure the bot after the update.

To install the bot, follow the following steps:
  1. Download the update from the SinusBot resources webpage.
  2. If you're performing a fresh install of the script, continue to step 4. If not, go to step 3.
  3. Backup the configuration of the script some where (in a txt file for example) if needed. Then, remove the SpamControl.js file from the /scripts folder.
  4. Unzip the contents of the downloaded zip file, and place them within the /scripts folder of your SinusBot, creating a folder structure like this:
  5. Restart the SinusBot software so the scripts page will be reloaded.
  6. Activate the SpamControl script on each instance you would like the script to run on, by checking the checkbox in front of the script name while having the desired instance selected.
  7. Open the SpamControl web interface, by clicking on the name of the script in the Scripts menu (you might want to open the web interface in a new window / tab.

By default, the script will disable all features it offers. By opening the web interface of the script, you'll be able to configure each feature, which are displayed in the top menu of the interface. To start, make sure you have the script enabled on the instance you want to configure the bot for.

Once the script is enabled and the web interface is opened, click on the dropdown menu on the top right corner of the interface, and select the instance you want to configure. Once selected, click on one of the features in the navigation bar on the top side of your screen. Note that 'General settings' is not a feature, but contains, as the name suggests, the general settings for example the timeout seconds.

Each configuration item has a small explenation of what it does next to it. If anything is unclear, please do let me know by either a private message (not prefered) or on the discussion page (prefered).

On a side note:
The web interface allows for a better overview of the existing features and their configuration. If you're missing an option, running into problems or bugs or if you would like to add a new feature, please do let me know by either a discussion (prefered) or private message (not prefered).

Still to be added:
Currently the following items are still due to be added to the functionality of the bot:
  • Able to increase the punishment time for clients that have been punished before.
  • Able to message every client in the channel of which a client got sanctioned.
  • Monitoring creation of (temporary) channels (by Clqyc).

The following people have contributed to SpamControl script (for example by submitting idea's for additional functionalities):
  • Dimarzio - Thanks for the initial idea!
  • Kir-à - Thanks for the idea's of additional features!
  • Clqyc - Thanks for the temporary channel monitoring idea!

Future plans:
[12-3-2018] Currently it's, unfortunally, not possible to split resource files without creating a big mess in the Scripts folder. When this feature does become available, I'de like to discard the SpamControl script (or rename it) and create a new script called something like 'ScriptEssentials'. 'ScriptEssentials' will get the same features as the current SpamControl, but will allow me to add many more (for example, the scripts that are being requested on the forums). Administrators will be able to enable each feature seperatly, also requireing me to develop a new web interface (maybe based on the free AdminLTE design?). Questions, idea's, feedback? I'de love to hear them from you!
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